Happy St Dwynwen’s Day | Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus

Wed 24th January 2024

What is it?

Why do we celebrate it?

Whats the connection to Llanddwyn Island?

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St Dwynwen's Day on the Enchanting Llanddwyn Island

In the heart of Welsh folklore and romance lies the captivating tale of St Dwynwen, the patron saint of lovers, and the enchanting island of Llanddwyn. Celebrated annually on January 25th, St Dwynwen's Day is a time-honored Welsh tradition that pays homage to a story of love, devotion, and divine intervention.

The Legend of St Dwynwen

Dwynwen, believed to be the daughter of King Brychan Brycheiniog, became the embodiment of love's trials. The tale unfolds on the picturesque island of Anglesey, where Dwynwen, the fairest among the king's daughters, fell deeply in love with a local youth named Maelon. However, her father had other plans and arranged for her to marry a prince.

Heartbroken, Maelon did not take the news well, prompting Dwynwen to seek solace in the woods and beseech God for a remedy. According to legend, an angel appeared to Dwynwen that night, offering a potion to erase her memories and transform Maelon into a block of ice. Devastated but undeterred, Dwynwen devoted her life to God and established a convent on the serene island of Llanddwyn.


Llanddwyn Island - A Sanctuary of Love

Llanddwyn, located off the west coast of Anglesey, emerged as the sacred haven chosen by Dwynwen to dedicate herself to a life of spirituality. This small but picturesque island, surrounded by the soothing sounds of the Irish Sea, has become synonymous with love and tranquility.

The island boasts stunning landscapes, with sandy beaches, rolling dunes, and panoramic views. Visitors can explore the remains of Dwynwen's convent, which stand as a testament to her unwavering devotion. The island's natural beauty, combined with the saint's legacy, makes Llanddwyn an idyllic destination for lovers and those seeking a peaceful retreat.


Celebrating St Dwynwen's Day

St Dwynwen's Day has become a cherished Welsh celebration, akin to Valentine's Day. On this special day, couples exchange tokens of affection, and many choose to visit Llanddwyn to immerse themselves in the romantic ambiance of this mythical island.

Whether it's a quiet stroll along the sandy shores, a visit to Dwynwen's well, or a moment of reflection at the remains of her convent, Llanddwyn offers a unique experience for those seeking to celebrate love in a place where legend and reality intertwine.

St Dwynwen's Day on Llanddwyn Island is not just a celebration of a legendary love story; it's an invitation to embrace the enduring spirit of love and devotion. As couples and wanderers alike flock to this enchanting island, they are drawn into a realm where the echoes of a timeless tale resonate, and the serene beauty of Llanddwyn becomes a backdrop for love's eternal dance.

How can I visit Llanddwyn?

RibRides new Explorer Trip; Llanddwyn Explorer takes you to the magical island; along the coastline of the spectacular Newborough Forest and along the Llyn Peninsula.

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