Rib Hire

Our fleet of RIBS can be hired for a range of different activities.

In addition to our incredible RIB Trips we also offer RIB Hire, where any of our RIBs can be hired by individuals, businesses, groups and organisations for a wide range of different activities.

If you would like to hire a RIB, please contact us on 0333 1234 303 or email bookings@ribride.co.uk

Outlined below are a few examples of how our RIBS have previously been used.

Media Services

Whether it is logistics, filming platforms, props, safety or stunt drivers, or roving news reporters, RibRide has extensive experience working with a wide variety of media, production companies and celebrities. We are the ‘go-to’ RIB company for on-water support in north Wales and will ensure your production runs smoothly, by maximising time on set and minimising hassle.

Corporate Events

Company requirements can vary from team incentives and thank-you's to training and development. Whether you are looking to reward your team or pull out its strengths and weaknesses, we can tailor a programme to fulfil your corporate goals.

Educational Programmes

Ysgol Y Môr / The School of the Sea is an educational programme designed to take school children safely into a coastal environment to learn. Traveling in RIBs along the Menai Strait, the children are provided with tasks to complete as they learn about the rewards and dangers of the coastal marine environment.

Scattering of Ashes

We receive a couple of requests each year to provide a RIB for the purpose of scattering ashes at sea. We can facilitate these ceremonies and carry them out with sensitivity and understanding. Individual ceremonies to spread ashes are unlikely to pollute the water, as the ashes themselves have very little impact on water quality. Please be aware personal items and wreaths, which may contain plastic and metal parts, may cause harm to wildlife.

All ceremonies of this nature are handled with care and respect for your loved one.

Rehabilitation & Sensory Experiences

In the hands of our experienced Skippers a RIB trip can be a safe and highly sensory experience and we our proud that our RIBS have be used in the rehabilitation process for groups such the UK Blind Veterans and Help for Heroes. We also take out groups with learning difficulties, who find the sensory experience of being on the RIB a fun, fulfilling and thrilling one.