Decarbonisation Project

Wales is uniquely blessed in so many ways, not least of which has been the creation and adoption of the Well Being of Future Generations Act – a guide to meaningful planning and decision making.

Our own realisation has been that, within our working lives at RibRide, we will cease to use fossil fuels to propel our boats. The moment we accept this is not only inevitable but desirable, it leads us to our own meaningful planning and decision making:

“To create a pathway to become the worlds’ first zero emissions high speed craft operator”

RibRide has proved itself as an innovator and standard bearer:

  • First boat tour operator to hold Blue Flag status in the UK
  • #1 Boat Tour operator in the UK according to Trip Advisor
  • Fastest commercial RIB in the World

While this innovation and recognition are hard earned, we need to continue to spearhead the marine industry in our efforts. Our individual and collective credibility as an operator and innovator gives us a unique position to achieve this goal. It also creates opportunity to develop other adventure tourism offers, while taking the message of being unmistakably Wales out to competitive markets, places and people.

The commercial realisation of zero emission electric propulsion has released a new generation of possibilities for play, both on land and water. Our long-term aim is to create the first zero emission adventure company utilizing clean electric along with sustainable practice at its core. It is a signpost, an opposite, a ying and yang to RibRide, taking the best of practice and innovation to create a pathway for a carbon free future. While the front of house will provide a unique fun and informative experience, the company will work with key partners to explore the future of electric propulsion – a real life adventure laboratory. To this end, we have secure funding and support from Welsh Government’s SMART Innovation Team on a year long project to research the possibilities and identify clear plans which will support meaningful change.

There are a raft of possible solutions for zero-emissions adventure and with the help of the SMART innovation team, RibRide offers a unique blend of location, expertise, support and marketing to identify and promote this potential. This potent mix will allow RibRide and Wales to be seen as a leading UK innovator.