Team Development

If you are a training professional or team leader and are looking for the perfect intervention to reveal team strengths and weaknesses, then RibRide offers one of the best, non-threatening but revealing opportunities available in the great outdoors.

The Menai Strait location, combined with our RIBs, provides a unique location that places teams in a safe, controllable environment where no individual will fail due to physical condition or outdoor expertise.

Our development programmes are designed to use the outdoor marine environment to challenge and encourage colleagues to work together and have some fun along the way.

The Song Line

A song line is an Aboriginal method of steering a course through a landscape using stories. Here at RibRide we use charts to show us the way and stories to paint a picture of local life.

So we bring old ways to new days and through the use of our own song line, challenge teams to remember the messages and explore the historic Menai Strait.

For teams to be successful on this day, they must work together as the tasks are simply to large for one person to work alone. Seamanship, safe boating, identification of historic places, chart work and the rules of the sea will all be needed to arrive safely at a secret destination.

Duration 5-6 hours