Bubble Fun For 2021

We are open! Adventure Tour Boat bubbles are now set at 8 onboard but with a maximum of 6 adults. Whilst we operate under Covid-19 protocols, everybody aged 12yrs and above is classed as an adult.

  • Whole Boat Charter

    Bridges and Swellies

    Join us for an action-packed 60 minute RIB trip and experience some of the most magnificent sights along the Menai Strait. Enter the world famous ‘Swellies’ with its shipwrecks, rocks and whirlpools and pass beneath two of the most spectacular bridges in Wales. We then journey to Bangor Pier, passing Millionaires' Row before heading back with some high speed twists and turns to finish. Minimum age 4yrs.

    from £100 (for 2 people)

  • Whole Boat Charter

    Puffin and Seals

    Come onboard one of our four Adventure RIBs as we take you on an exhilarating 90 minute tour to Puffin Island. Hold on tight as you head north east along the Menai Strait, passing the colourful townhouses of Beaumaris and on to Puffin Island. Keep your eyes open for seals and between May and July, the island is home to several migratory birds, including Puffins. Minimum age 4yrs.

    from £200 (for 2 people)

  • Whole Boat Charter

    Castles and Islands

    The spectacular views of Caernarfon Castle and LLanddwyn Island await those who want to venture beyond the south-western entrance of the Menai Strait on this enjoyable two hour tour. During this journey you will travel nearly two thirds the length of the Menai Strait, with plenty to see and discover. The area is rich in culture, history, legend and wildlife and your skipper will be your fun guide to it all. Minimum age 4yrs.

    from £275 (for 2 people)

  • Whole Boat Charter


    If speed and adrenaline are what you are after, then Velocity is the one for you. Join us for a heart pumping experience as you take to the water onboard the world’s fastest passenger RIB. Just remember to hold on tight as you embark on this awesome high-speed experience. Includes a detailed safety briefing and 30 minutes on the water. Minimum age 10yrs.

    from £150 (for 2 people)

  • Explorer Half Boat Bubble

    The Skerries

    Departs Holyhead Marina. This is the RibRide team’s number one trip choice! Our Explorer RIB is ideal for this adventurous 90 minute trip. Explore the craggy coastline of north Anglesey, before turning north west across open seas to The Skerries. An uninhabited group of islands with amazing wildlife including seals, terns, kittiwakes and puffins. A must for wildlife enthusiasts. Wednesdays and Sundays; May to July. Minimum age 10yrs.

    One group (up to four people) £200 (max two groups onboard per trip)

  • Explorer Half Boat Bubble

    South Stack

    Departs Holyhead Marina. Come onboard our Explorer RIB for a spectacular 90 minute RIB tour around the north coastline of Anglesey as we head from Holyhead Marina to the soaring sea cliffs of Gogarth Bay and South Stack lighthouse. Spot some star species that call this dramatic landscape their home, including Chough, Guillemot, Peregrine, Puffin and Razorbill. Wednesdays and Sundays; May to July. Minimum age 10yrs.

    One group (up to four people) £200 (max two groups onboard per trip)

12 May 2021


RibRide re-opened it's doors on Monday 26 April after nearly four months and our feet haven't really touched the floor since. But it is sooooooooooooo good to be back and it is fantastic to be able to catch up with all our lovely customers.

Our first customers of the year ventured out on our first Puffin and Seals trip of the year on Tuesday 27 April and we haven't looked back since.

Whilst we are still only able to operate whole boat bubble charters, we are hoping as restrictions are eased we will be able to revert to our person pricing, hopefully by early summer (fingers crossed).

At the moment, as we get back up to speed, we do have a little backlog of work to get through and as a result emails are taking a little longer to respond to, but please bear with us, we will get to you.

We look forward to a safe and busy season and hope to see you out on the water soon.

The RibRide Team x