Media Services

Providing on-water services to film, television and media industries

Whether it is logistics, filming platforms, props, safety or stunt drivers, or roving news reporters, RibRide has extensive experience working with a wide variety of media, production companies and celebrities. We are the ‘go-to’ RIB company for on-water support in north Wales and will ensure your production runs smoothly, by maximising time on set and minimising hassle.

Our highly experienced and professional Skippers and shoreside team guarantee the highest levels of service, both afloat and on-shore.

Having worked closely with numerous production teams, we are fully aware of the logistics required with this type of filming and have all the necessary paperwork in place to meet production company insurance requirements.

We work in close collaboration with directors and crew, providing advice based upon requirements and can provide the following services;

  • Safety support
  • Camera platforms
  • Remote access
  • Logistics
  • Props
  • Stunt Drivers

Our extensive marine knowledge, including tides, weather and the local topography has proved invaluable on numerous shoots, helping to add scope and depth to the project.

We are aware that some filming projects can be of a sensitive or secretive nature. In this case we are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to any filming work being undertaken.

Clients we have worked with include


Our commercial charter rates start at £350 per hour plus VAT. Additional services, including, out of hours start and finish times, night shoots etc are all charged separately and can be discussed with the team.