Due to Covid-19, we are currently only able to operate Whole Boat Charters. We will open up more trips to smaller groups, couples and individuals as soon as we can.

  • Whole Boat Charter


    The world’s fastest RIB. Our expert Skippers will take you and your ‘bubble’ on an amazingly fast 30 minute adventure.

    Price £275 (max 8 persons)

  • Whole Boat Charter

    Bridges and Swellies

    Book your ‘bubble’ onto the fabulous one hour Bridges and Swellies RibRide. The original and still the best Adventure RIB tour on the Menai Strait.

    Price £175 (max 6 persons)

  • Whole Boat Charter

    Puffin and Seals

    Embrace the fresh air as we take you and your ‘bubble’ on our fabulous 90 minute Puffin and Seals RibRide.

    Price £260 (max 6 persons)

  • Whole Boat Charter

    Castles and Islands

    Enjoy a fantastic two hour journey along the Menai Strait and out to Llanddwyn Island with your 'bubble'.

    Price £350 (max 6 persons)

7 July 2020

Do you have a group of up to 6 that want to get onto the water? We have boats and skippers ready to go. We have systems in place to keep your bubble safe and protected ready to enjoy a healthy outdoors experience. This week we have tours on Tuesday, Thursday Saturday and Sunday. Please note no single seat sales until distancing rules allow.