RibRide are back on the water

Fri 3rd July 2020

How we are going to keep you safe while having fun.

We have a detailed COVID Statement available to read online here https://www.ribride.co.uk/en/covid-19.
But in true RR style let’s break this down with a smile on our faces and show how we are going to keep you safe while having fun.

By arriving at RibRide you are stating that you are free of Covid symptoms. In return we promise to keep you safe while in our care.

We are only taking you and your ‘Bubble’ groups out now BUT we are discounting our whole boat charter to make this easier. The structure of your bubble and the distance you can travel should follow the current Welsh Government recommendations. This guidance may change https://gov.wales/coronavirus.

You will have a boat to yourself with a space for you and a space for the skipper. RibRide have lots of boats and lots of very enthusiastic skippers. Don’t panic we’ll get your 'Bubble' on the water.

A staggered check in, departure and return time ensures ‘Bubbles’ don’t mix and allows the cleaning fairies time to cleanse the boat and our facilities.

We’re not supplying waterproofs or Velocity suits. Please dress appropriately.

We ARE supplying clean and fresh lifejackets; these will be given to your group. At the end of the trip they cleaned ready for their next use.

We love your face and seeing your smiles, but all riders must cover it up while with us. A scarf, a buff, a dust mask, an old t-shirt, anything that stops you breathing on others is essential. This fits with UK Gov and all recommendation to wear a face covering
Be imaginative! You will NOT be allowed to board without one. If you don’t have one or bring one, you can buy a buff from us before boarding.

Hand sanitisers will be available at our booking office, on the pier and on the RIB. Have a squirt on us!

Please follow the one way system in the booking office.

We have toilets! A toilet will be assigned to each 'Bubble' (upon request) and then spritzed by the cleaning fairies with their antibac wands and their awesome fogging machine afterwards.

Lastly, and most importantly. You must have an AMAZING time and some FUN!

  • Bridges and Swellies Whole Boat Charter, 1 hour, max 6 persons, £175
  • Puffin and Seals Whole Boat Charter, 1 hour 30 mins, max 6 persons, £260
  • Castle and Islands Whole Boat Charter, 2 hours, max 6 persons, £350
  • Velocity Whole Boat Charter, 30 mins on the water, max 8 persons, £275

What do I do next?
BOOK here…https://www.ribride.co.uk/en/book-boat-trip-online

If you have an existing booking please bear with us, we are in the process contacting all our existing customers/bookings to discuss options.

If you would like to use a voucher towards your ‘bubble’ booking please phone us on 0333 1234 303 to discuss (9am-5pm Tues-Thur and Sat-Sun).

Our bookings office is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Apologies, we are not answering the phone/emails/FB messages on Mondays and Fridays.