Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQ's and our answers to help.

1. What is the minimum age?

4 years old is the minimum age to ride our Adventure RIBs from Menai Bridge.
The minimum age to go on the Explorer RIB from Holyhead is 10 years old.
The minimum age for Velocity is 10 years old.

2. What do we wear?

Please bring and wear a mask or face covering.
Our trips do not aim to get the RIB Riders wet; however, you could get wet, so please dress appropriately. Multiple layers in the winter and spring are essential. We provide the life jacket. All you need are soft-soled shoes or boots and suitable clothing.

3. Where do we park?

Unfortunately we do not have our own parking area, nor can we guarantee street parking. However, there are a number of accessible car parks near our pick-up locations – enter the postcode into

4. Is there access to the RIBs for those with mobility issues?

Yes, our skippers are extremely helpful and we aim to cater to all needs. However, we do ask that anybody needing extra/special assistance talks to us first on 0333 1234 303. Some departure points have steps and access is affected by the tides. You may need to provide your own aids and helpers.

RibRide-ing requires no skill, just the ability to:

  • Walk 260 meters from our Bookings Office to the pontoon at St George’s Pier
  • Climb down 3 steps on a short step ladder
  • Then make 1 largish step onto the RIB

At St George’s Pier in Menai Bridge there is a sloping walkway leading to the pontoon where you access our RIBs. This walkway is like a bridge and has great views of the Strait. Passengers affected by a phobia of heights may want to chat to us about this before they book an adventure.

5. Is there a group booking option?

Yes, we do private boat charters. These trips allow you to ‘book the whole boat’ to plan and use your time on the water as you wish.
For more information please go to our Groups page.
If you don’t know North Wales well, our skippers are happy to suggest locations to suit your requirements and interests. For more information or to book, please call us on 03331234303 to speak to a member of the RibRide team.

6. Do the boats go fast or are they dangerous?

The maximum RIB speed is 50mph. This is not a dangerous speed on the water and our highly trained and skilled skippers will keep you entertained, thrilled and safe throughout your trip.

7. What is the length of each trip?

The length of our trips varies from 1 to 2 hours. For more information for each trip please browse our website.

8. What if it’s raining?

Don’t worry if there is a shower, our trips go ahead in the rain, but please dress appropriately. However, if we think it will be too wet to get the most from your trip, all customers will be notified in advance and given alternative options.

9. What do we see?

Depending on which trip you are on, you will hear tales of local history, sea life, interesting facts and some wonderful stories from our highly trained and very knowledgeable skippers.

10. Will we always reach our trip destination?

Very occasionally, in rare adverse weather conditions, we can’t reach our trip destination and may need to change our route for safety reasons. We want to provide an adventure boat tour that is both safe and highly enjoyable.

11. Are there toilets on the RIB?

No, there are no toilets on the RIBs. Please use our customer toilets at our Bookings Office at the Porth Daniel boatyard before your trip commences. We are unable to pull in or make shore stops.

12. Is there a waiting area for families?

Unfortunately we cannot provide a waiting area when we are busy, but:

  • Menai Bridge, we highly recommend Dylan’s restaurant, Menai Bridge, next door for a coffee while you wait and/or a meal afterwards. We have wonderful Red Boat ice-cream available from Easter to September (In fair weather) from the old ticket office at the pier gates.
  • Holyhead, pop into the Marina Café for great coffee and cake with a warm welcome.

13. How do I book and how far in advance should I book?

Customers can book online or call us on 0333 1234 303. Customers are encouraged to book a couple of days in advance to avoid disappointment; our trips can fill up quickly at any stage. It is essential to pre-book during the school holidays.

14. Where and how can I pay?

Customers can pay online or over the phone with their debit/credit card. Otherwise, for cash payments, please call in to see us in the office in Menai Bridge and we will be happy to process the payment for you.
You will find us at LL59 5DE.

Additional questions

If you have any additional questions, please contact us by email or talk to us by calling 0333 1234 303 (a local rate number).