Why we don’t ‘Daily Deal’

Fri 20th March 2015

Daily Deal and discount voucher websites may sound great but…here’s why RIBRIDE doesn’t use them.

We get approached regularly by companies asking RIBRIDE to join Daily Deal and discount voucher websites. Effectively, if we offer a ‘50% off’ voucher, the websites will then ask a further 50% in commission. That’s 75% off our original price.

How could we do that?

We could raise the perceived value of the trip by creating an inflated ‘before discount’ price. Or we would have to cut costs by throttling back to dramatically reduce petrol consumption . Or remain vague about the trip length and then cut it short. Or we’d reserve the right to cancel our trips at the last minute to make sure we maximised customers on board.

Or we could do any combination of the above or do all four.


But here at RIBRIDE, we are successful because we care about everyone that gets on board. We buy the best and newest boats. We pay the best wages to the best staff. RIBRIDE staff have experience, knowledge and skipper qualifications way beyond industry standards.

We take our booking process as seriously as we take the quality of our tours. We don’t judge our success by profit, we judge it by the amazing customer reviews and by returning customers. We are not seasonal, we stay open and enthusiastic all year round.

So step aboard, confident you are with Wales’ best adventure boat tour company. We don’t discount and we’re proud of that. Instead we choose to give you value for money and big smiles every time.

Any doubts about that? Take a look at TripAdvisor.

RibRide.  Beware of ‘discounts’