What do we do in winter?

Mon 29th January 2018

Winter – ever wondered what we do in winter?


Replace our RIB seat covers and upholstery to keep everything tidy and comfy, plus lots of boat maintenance.

Scheduled trips

Go out on trips, we operate all year.

New project

Work on our new project…which is coming very quickly.

RYA PB2 courses

Provide RYA PB2 courses getting our candidates well-trained, confident and competent.

Book online

Checking the Tide Tables

Get the scheduled trips all sorted and available to book online 24/7.

Get on the water

Enjoy being our on the water in the sheltered Strait, a magic bit of water.

Hidden Gem Award 2018

Receive our Visit Wales ‘Trysor Cudd/Hidden Gem’ accreditation scheme and we sort our leaflets/marketing for 2018. We are very excited that 2018 is the Visit Wales ‘Year of the Sea’ and are enjoying being at the forefront of this marketing initiative.


We are busy now and planning for a super busy spring and summer. Book trips online now to avoid disappointment ‘Trips Online‘.