The Skerries

Fri 15th June 2018

An Explorer RibRide trip to the Skerries is an amazing experience, we love it.

This trips departs from Holyhead Marina during the summer months. Lying 9 miles from Holyhead, north of Carmel Head the Skerries are a beautiful, wild and remote place.

These rocky island are a unique marine grassland environment and home to thousands of seabirds in the summer months. They are home to a large population of seals. In Welsh the islands are called ‘Ynysoedd y Moelrhoniad’ which means ‘the islands of the bald-headed grey seals’.

It is a truly magical place, don’t just take our word for it, recently Adam and Kelly, from Destination Addict, came on a trip.

Here is their lovely film.

The Skerries – Puffins

There is a large Puffin population on the islands. The Puffins arrive in May, nest in their burrows, raise their young and leave in mid July. The birds often raft, resting on the sea, in large numbers around the islands. Spot their colourful beaks as these superstar birds fly in and out feeding their Pufflings. There is more information about this popular bird at

Image of a Puffin, looking fluffy,on a rock

A Puffin at the Skerries by Martin Casey.

The Skerries – Terns

The Skerries are home to breeding Arctic terns, common terns and occasionally, roseate terns. The Arctic terns have the longest migration of any animal on the planet. A tagged bird, from the Farne Islands, Northumberland, took a meandering journey the Arctic and back. It clock up 59,650 miles, which is more than twice the circumference of the planet. More information at

An Arctic tern at the Skerries

The Skerries – Seals

Grey seals and common seals share the waters around Anglesey. Grey Seals are larger with a pronounced ‘Roman’ or hooked nose. Mostly it is the grey seals that are spotted at the Skerries.

The term ‘grey’ covers a myriad of variations and they will have a lighter stomach and darker back. Sometimes you can spot creamy white females and very dark grey males. More information at

Seal at the Skerries, Anglesey

Adam and Kelly, from Destination Addict say:

Witnessing around 50 or so arctic terns at feeding time, just diving into the sea, was pretty amazing as well as seeing countless other terns. Distinguished by their black & white colouring at a distance they could be mistaken for puffins, however when you actually see a Puffin as we did you’ll know the difference. We love the way the Puffins flew awkwardly above us which made for a lot of awww’ing from the RIB.”


We have had some terrific reviews on Tripadvisor recently.
John S from the Isle of Man says:

We booked the 2 hour Holyhead rib ride as it was double the length of the other rib rides which go out of Menai. It was the most fabulous experience!…

…All I can say is it was £54 each value for money!!

Pure exhilaration as we powered across the bay to Carmel Head, then across to The Skerries lighthouse. Ollie manoeuvred the rib into shelter amongst the rocks at the foot of the lighthouse and tied up. We stopped here for a while and were treated to Arctic Terns suddenly rising together into the sky and seals swimming by us. Lots of photo opportunities,
Then it was back across to the South Stack, Gogarth Bay and finally North Stack. Ollie stopped for us to take photos of Razorbills, Cormorants, etc.

The views of the cliffs were breath taking!
Finally back round and into the harbour and quite a cold breeze by now so all glad of our coats!

Without a shadow of a doubt I would have gone back out again if Ollie had offered. This is one of those trips you talk about again and again, and advise others to do!!
Best time of our holiday in Anglesey.

Thanks Ollie for the excitement scenery and nature.”

Thank you so much for your great review John. More reviews for our trips are available at

The Skerries trip runs on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Remember the Puffins leave at about the same time the summer holidays start.

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