New Year, new adventure. Perhaps a Year of Adventure?

Thu 31st December 2015

I sit here to write this still a little damp following an amazing last RibRide of 2015 where, amongst other things, we found a seal tucking in to a New Year feast. Yes, it did rain a tad but the boats full of smiles will defeat even the worst weather. Well done you hardy riders.


You might have noticed that we think standing still a little dull. Without doubt our next decade of business will see many changes. We start with 2016 which promises to be an adventurous year where we will have more tours, more RIBs and a bigger team. The philosophy, however, remains the same: we value our customers experience above all else. We look forward to having you on board for 2016 where we are expecting a gorgeous El Niño-fuelled year. We look forward to the new faces as much a we look forward to seeing those who have visited us before.

I have an old friend who runs a notorious beach bar on a distant latitude. His ‘Old Years Night’ parties bought sailors from hundreds of miles to the tiny island of Jost Van Dyke. When questioned as to why he doesn’t use the normal name of New Years Eve, Foxy was quoted too say: “Dem folks in cities wantin’ to celebrate what dem will change given a fresh year to do wit dat de will. In de islands we look to what we have, de future will appen but a man is wat he is now not what dem might become.”

We are RibRide and we are proud of that. Enjoy a wonderful Old Years Night.