Seal Spotting Autumn Half Term

Fri 14th October 2016

We are having a lovely time Seal spotting near Puffin Island. This week Skipper Charles spotted a Seal pup.


Seal Spotting with RibRide in the Autumn

Skipper Tom says:
“We regularly see Seals while out on Adventure Boat Tours and Autumn is a great time to go out spotting them and their pups. If we catch a rising tide on Autumn Half Term early morning trips, we have a good chance of seeing lots of Grey Seals on our ‘Puffin and Seals’ trip to Ynys Seiriol or Puffin Island.”


The Puffins on Puffin Island have all flown off to live out at sea. They fly to the eastern coast of North America from the western coast of Europe. They only return to breed in April, then they leave in early August.

Skipper Tom adds:
“Our trip to Puffin Island is named ‘Puffin and Seals’ because you will always see one island and lots of seals, hopefully. Puffin Island is much better in the Welsh form, Ynys Seiriol, named in honour of Saint Seiriol who lived nearby at the priory he founded at Penmon.”


Grey Seals and Common Seals share the waters around Anglesey. Grey Seals are larger with a pronounced ‘Roman’ or hooked nose. Mostly it is the Grey Seals that are spotted on Ynys Seiriol.

Here are our favourite Seal facts:

  • Male seals are known as ‘bulls’, female seals as ‘cows’ and babies as ‘pups’
  • Pups are born on land in Autumn, from September to November
  • Males grow to about 2.3 metres or 7 and a half feet
  • Grey seals are the largest living carnivore in Britain
  • They vary in colour from creamy white females to very dark grey males; ‘grey’ covers a myriad of variations and they have a lighter stomach and darker back
  • Seals belong to the pinnipeds group; this means ‘winged feet’ and refers to their flippers
  • Their scientific name, ‘Halichoerus grypus’, means ‘sea pig with a hooked nose’
  • Grey seals are large and have a very distinctive face with a ‘Roman nose’, which is accentuated in males
  • Grey seals have lived to be 46 years old
  • There are many Celtic stories about a Selkie or a Seal Wife, where they shed their skin to take human form like a Mermaid (we love the film Song of the Sea, 2014, where a seal-child goes on an adventure)


So if you would like to come Seal spotting, join us on a ‘Puffin and Seals’ trip this October half term. This trip departs from Menai Bridge at 9.30am, please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Please Note: In bad weather and rough sea conditions the Seals will find shelter and we won’t be able to spot them. If conditions allow, we will still go on an adventure and have as much fun as possible!