Middle Mouse – Ynys Badrig

Tue 26th June 2018

Middle Mouse, or Ynys Badrig in Welsh, is a uninhabited island 1 km off the north coast of Anglesey. It is the most Northern point of Wales.

You can visit this island if you book the whole boat and charter a RIB to go on an ‘Around Anglesey Adventure‘.


This film shows the large guillemot population clinging to the island in their bird city. The guillemot’s only touch land to breed during the summer months from March to July. This film was taken in late June. June is a fantastic month to go around Anglesey on an adventure spotting sea birds, seals and jelly fish.

Middle Mouse is one island in a group of three with East Mouse (Ynys Amlwch) and West Mouse (Maen y Bugail).

It is believed that St Patrick was shipwrecked on the island and swam ashore. Where he landed he founded a church at Llanbadrig, in around 440 AD. St Patrick’s Church, Llanbadrig is believed to be the oldest Christian site in Wales.

Anglesey island Middle Mouse with it's guillemot colony.

The guillemots on Middle Mouse / Ynys Badrig

Whole boat rate for the ‘Around Anglesey Adventure’ starts at £1,000 Peak season (20 July to 3 September 18) or £795 (4 Sept 18 to 19 July 19). We suggest a maximum of 8 riders per boat for comfort. This tip is weather, tide and wind dependant and changes to your itinerary may have to be made on the day.