Menai Strait

Sun 30th September 2018

The Menai Strait is the narrow stretch of water which separates Anglesey from the Welsh mainland, Gwynedd. It is 16 miles long and runs from Abermenai Point in the South West to Penmon Point in the North East.

Tides in the Menai Strait

At Menai Bridge, the town where the RibRide and thier boat yard is situated, the tide rises and falls sometimes over 7 meters in height, two times a day. This film shows the sea racing through the Strait under the Menai Suspension Bridge.

This film from Bangor University shows lovely time lapse images of bridge and explains the tides.

The Swellies

Our Bridges and Swellies boat trip is our ‘classic’ 1 hour tour.  Between the Menai Suspension Bridge and the Britannia Bridge is the infamous body of water called ‘the Swellies‘.

The sheltered nature of the Strait allows RibRide to operate trips safely all year round. You need extra warm layers and a wind proof coat, even on the coldest days bracing fun can be had. In the late summer months you can sometimes see our Skipper in their shorts enjoying the warmth of the summer sunshine.

To enjoy a year round adventure book the ‘Bridges and Swellies‘ trip.