Menai Strait history with the St. Elvies film

Fri 8th July 2016

The history of the Menai Strait is show in a wonderful film in the British Film Institutes’ (BFI) BFIPlayer library.

St. Elvies Rocks the Menai Strait

Mitchell and Kenyon, pioneers of early commercial motion pictures based in Blackburn, filmed the journey of the Passenger Vessel St. Elvies from Liverpool to Menai Bridge in 1902.

Go to BFI to view the film


This film shows Llandudno Pier, Bangor Pier and St Georges Pier in Menai Bridge.


Skipper Phil often refers to this film on adventure tours of the Strait:
“I think this is a wonderful historic view of the Menai and offers us a glimpse of the area 114 years ago. They are enjoying the Menai as I do everyday.”


The St. Elvies was launched Monday, 13/04/1896  at Fairfield Govan, Glasgow and was owned by the Liverpool & North Wales Steamship Company. Between March 1915 and May 1919 she worked for the Admiralty  as a minesweeper.

Go to BFI to view the film