Go North Wales conference Liverpool

Tue 21st June 2016

The Go North Wales conference, 20 June 2016, part of the Liverpool’s International Festival of Business saw the coming together of the spectrum of North Wales’ outdoor providers and users.  North Wales is becoming the ‘adventure capital of Europe’.

Our Skipper Phil is the Chair the Destination Anglesey Partnership, part of the Visit Wales tourism support structure. The Chair of the North Wales Forum, which works alongside organistions such as North Wales Tourism. He was at the Go North Wales conference to talk about the foundations of adventure.

Phil Scott, Skipper Phil at the Go North Wales Conference

Phil Scott at the Go North Wales Conference

Skipper Phil says:
“The last ten years has seen a seismic shift in both the provision and the use of adventure. North Wales is leading the way with the widest range and scale of public and private sector investment. From the Instructor with a Van being set free on the B roads and beaches to the massive infrastructure of Zip World and Surf Snowdonia Adventure Parc. The bandwidth has broadened and North Wales has become the UK number one destination for adventure play.”

Go North Wales IMG_3878

“Adventure can be for anyone,” says Skipper Phil

Skipper Phil says:
“At the start we thought our very cool RIBs were the ticket to success. It was only when we stopped blasting around and took our inspiration from where we were, communicating this to our passengers that we really took off. Each of our customers has the potential to be our ambassador. In this age of reviews and posts the power of thousands of ambassadors will always be greater than anything we can do ourselves.

We now need to become a community of adventure, where every participant, every resident, every visitor, every business is an ambassador, a guide and a friend. We also need to ensure that we preserve and enhance the essence that created and inspired the adventure we have been on so far.”