Dolphin Spotting in the Menai Strait Anglesey

Fri 28th April 2017

Dolphins 7 May 2017, we have spotted more Dolphins today and caught some great images of them. We are so lucky at the moment that these amazing marine mammals are in and around Puffin Island.

On the Puffin and Seals trip, Friday no one expected to be Dolphin Spotting in the Menai Strait Anglesey. Skipper Trigger spotted the Dolphins and took this quick film of them…

Our RibRiders out on the 9.30am trip ‘Puffin and Seals‘  said this:
Visited on 930 trip to puffin island with skipper Trigger! Wow , just off the coast of Beaumaris we were surrounded by approx 30 dolphins, some right next to the boat playing. Trigger gave us lots of island info about the birds and seals we saw (inc. a puffin) but the dolphins were the icing on the cake.” Stroppyoliver, Sheffield on

Dolphin spotting ribride Anglesey

We can’t guarantee Dolphin Spotting, like these lucky Riders, but we will see amazing wildlife and have a fantastic trip.

Protecting the environment

We have super quiet, super efficient outboard engines with very quiet tick-over. The RibRide team carry out all our servicing in-house. We think this takes us a little longer. But all maintenance is carried out to keep the engines in tip top condition.

Skipper Tom says:
No throbbing smoke spewing Diesel engines at RibRide. No carcinogenic anti-fouling paint that could kill species trying to cling to the hull. Instead our boats removed from the water and hand washed each and every day using ‘Ecover Washing Up Liquid’.  We work hard to try and protect the marine environment while we interact with it.

Dolphin Spotting, possibly…

…Adventure, fun and amazing wildlife definitely!

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