Caring for our Coastline

Fri 27th March 2015

The team at RIBRIDE Adventure Boat Tours have been out with environmental charity Keep Wales Tidy (KWT) to pick up litter at Abermenai Point on Anglesey, this week.

“We started a discussion with Pauline Vella, KWT, about the ‘Wales Coast App’ and how to find out more about the coastline of Anglesey. As we talked, we thought it would be great, at the start of the tourist season, to get some volunteers together to litter-pick using one of our RIBs to access the area,” says Phil Scott, RIBRIDE Adventure Boat Tours and the Chair of the North Wales Tourism Forum.

Abermenai Point Clean Up-March15-9328

The clean-up team accessed an area of coast, at Abermenai Point, that is nearly 3 miles from the nearest road and litter bins. RIBRIDE used its newest RIB, fitted with a fuel-efficient 300 Suzuki marine engine, designed to minimise exhaust gases and noise levels.

Abermenai Point Clean Up-March15-9319

The team removed 10 bags of beach litter and a couple of large plastic containers. They mostly collected small pieces of plastic, cotton-bud sticks, fishing net and rope, food containers and drinks bottles.

Abermenai Point Clean Up-March15-9334

RIBRIDE team were joined by Pauline Vella, KWT and Gruff Jones, KWT North Wales Regional Manager, Bedwyr Rees, TV presenter and Producer at Rondo Media, and Iwan Huws, Anglesey Council’s Principal Tourism and Maritime Officer.

Abermenai Point Clean Up-March15-9347

“Tourism is important to the local and national economy. Tourism in Anglesey supports over 4,000 jobs and is worth £250 million. It has been great to remove litter from the beautiful Anglesey coastline today and help protect the marine environment,” says Iwan.

Abermenai Point Clean Up-March15-9332

“While most folk know to minimise waste and to take their litter home, we must also ensure that all rubbish and recycling is covered and protected from the wind, which can move litter from land to sea,” says Phil.

The ‘Wales Coast App’ contains information about Welsh beaches, coastal walking, facilities and local businesses. It is free to download to your phone from ‘Google Play’ or the ‘iTunes’ store.

“Wales has a beautiful award-winning coastline, but it’s important for people to realise that it needs to be maintained and cared for outside of the tourist season. Keep Wales Tidy manages coastal projects across Wales that are really rewarding not only to the people who take part but also to the wider community, tourism and the economy of Wales. I’d like to thank RIBRIDE for their help and enthusiasm in keeping Abermenai Point tidy,” said Gruff Jones, KWT North Wales Regional Manager.

KWT cares about the Welsh Coast. They suggest you could carry out a two-minute beach clean, become a Coast Champion, or form a Coast Care Group. More information can be found at