RibRide supports a number of national and local charities and local events. We focus on assisting charities and schools on Anglesey, in Gwynedd and Conwy.

RibRide support local charities, schools and local events including:

Currently we are getting daily request for charity donations. We have decided to help local charities directly.

If you are a charity or school on Anglesey, Gwynedd or Conwy we will consider your request. We can provide a voucher for a ticket and this can be used for fundraising. Please contact Mrs Jo Quinney, PR and Marketing Manager at RibRide.

We hope your event and fund-raising goes well, good luck.

Supporting Charities and Causes

Keep Wales Tidy, Aber Menai Clean Up

Keep Wales Tidy, Aber Menai Clean Up

Abermenai Point Beach Clean March 2017

The Between the Bridges Duck Race, Macmillan fundraiser

The Between the Bridges Duck Race

Duck Race Winners