Ynys Llanddwyn sunset, a magical tidal island

Fri 20th May 2016

Ynys Llanddwyn is a magical tidal island off the west coast of Anglesey. The Skippers took a trip at sunset. The island is named after St Dwynwen. Santes Dwywen is the Welsh patron saint of friendship and love, here’s her lovely island at sunset…

Here’s how Dwynwen’s story goes…

It is said that Dwynwen, who lived during the fifth century, was the beautiful daughter of King Brychan Brycheiniog. She fell in love with Maelon Dyfodrull but her father forbade them to marry. Maelon didn’t treat her well Dwynwen and then left her.

Dwynwen was distressed, as she slept, she was visited by an angel who said Maelon had been turned into a block of ice, gave her a potion to erase her memory and granted her three wishes.

Dwynwen’s first wish was to thaw Maelon, her second was that God would fulfil the hopes and dreams of all true lovers, and her third was that she should never marry. All her wishes were fulfilled and Dwynwen devoted herself to God for the rest of her life, preaching and establishing many Christian churches.

She founded a convent on the island of Llanddwyn, Dwynwen’s church.

A well on Llanddwyn was dedicated to her following her death (about 460AD) and became a place of pilgrimage. The well was supposed to be the home of a sacred fish or eel whose movements predicted the future for young lovers. If you placed a handkerchief on the water ad it moves, it foretells love and good luck for the visitor.

Castle and Islands to Llanddwyn

The ‘Castle and Islands’ trip departs Menai Bridge and goes past the fortress castle at Caernarfon and on to the historic Napoleonic Fort Belan. Around Aber Menai Point, which marks the mouth of the Strait, we head near the Caernarfon Bar, a shifting sandbank. Tide and weather permitting, we pass the beautiful sand dunes of Newborough Warren and arrive at Pilot Cove, Llanddwyn Island.

A rib ride moored off Llanddwyn island

You can book the whole boat and charter a RIB ride with us for an hour, half a day or a whole day. We have a scheduled trip’s here too

See ‘Live’ availability on our booking portal ‘Castle and Islands from Menai Bridge’ this two hour trip takes in the best of the Swellies and Bridges, the amazing Caernarfon Castle and glorious Llanddwyn Island!

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