We are sailors

Sat 27th June 2015

We were asked to give a chat at Dylan’s Caribbean night recently. It took most people by surprise to find that underneath all the horsepower and speeding turns, we are, actually sailors. Tom, Phil and Charles are all former yacht captains, having helmed the rich and famous around many of the worlds oceans on multi-million pound monster yachts.


Stu was a skipper on a round the world race circuit, similar to today’s Volvo Ocean. Ollie is a Yacht Master instructor, training future yacht captains. Will, with a dinghy sailing background, has moved onto kitesurfing where he is a sponsored rider. Go to Rhosneigr and see one guy outclassing everyone? You’re probably looking Will.

In 2014, Phil and Tom began working on a new and exciting project to create the fastest performance cruising carbon-fibre multihull in the world. They have formed Vantage Catamarans and have assembled a world-leading team of experts to build a globetrotting boat that will be challenging and fun to sail. .

But why is this important? Driving a power boat can be two-dimensional, but sailing requires knowledge of many dimensions. Our skippers hold an advantage as they work fluidly with the wind, currents, eddies and gusts to give our riders a better and safer experience.


Moving around with 5 meters of lead under a yacht certainly makes a skipper quite sharp when it comes to tides and underwater topography. We are able to access areas of the Swellies, Skerries or the complete coastline of Anglesey with certainty and confidence. Meanwhile others just blast by on the horizon.


Getting the odd splash is always fun but a repetitive face-full of water can get a bit old on longer trips. Having a skipper who can read the water, see the gusts, judge the swell angle and then adjust the trim of the RIB to suit his needs, gives a more more enjoyable RibRide.

“But isn’t sailing a bit, you know, dull?”
You might think so but in recent years things have moved a little. Remember the Americas Cup? This is what it looks like nowadays….