With the Sea Zoo you can explore

Fri 22nd July 2016

We have created an extra special trip for all budding Marine Biologist. Every Friday during the school holidays, we are working with the Sea Zoo to bring you a fantastic and informative scheduled adventure tour the ‘Sea Zoo RibRide’.

Starting on 29 July 2016, and the following Fridays at 10am, you can jump aboard an extra special 2 hour trip with a RibRide Skipper and a highly qualified Marine Biologist from the Sea Zoo.

Seals on Skerries IMG_4697

Skipper Phil says:
“There are so many fantastic things to see from our RIBs and our Skippers do a great job but sometimes visitors want more information about this special salt water environment. Going on a trip with a Marine Biologist for 2 hours will give you an unique and extra special experience.”

You will learn more about the ecology and natural habitat of the Menai Strait. We will provide detailed information on some of the amazing creatures that live in the Strait. The route for the trip is decided on the morning so that advantage can be taken of recent sightings, tide and sea conditions.


Skipper Phil says:
“With a small groups and your own expert marine biology from the largest aquarium in Wales you will have an entertaining, adventurous, informative and exhilarating time. We are sure to spot some star species and have a great time.”


Go to our online booking system at to book your tickets. Look at Friday’s schedule for the ‘Sea Zoo RibRide’ adventure tour 10am to 12 noon. Tickets are £42 for an adult and £30 for a child (aged 4 to 16 years old).

Come with us and the Sea Zoo you will become a marine explorer…