Ribride’s new little furry friend

Sun 12th April 2015

Skipper Will must have been delighted when he donned what can only have been mackerel scented gloves recently and headed out to Puffin Island.

This little chap was a really inquisitive, even though I stood off a decent distance from the colony so as not to disturb them, it still made a bee-line for us. The cheeky chappy really wanted to see who we were!” said Will.




Our RIBs have low profiles making them less intimidating to wildlife. They are also practically silent at tick-over and because we have no bilge there is no risk of pumping overboard oils and contaminants, historically an issue for traditional boats. Additionally, our Menai Strait fleet is removed from the water each day and washed down with clean, fresh water. This means we don’t have to use biocide-based antifouling paint on the bottoms of our boats to prevent marine growth.

Thanks to the Soman family for the fabulous photos.