Puffins on the Skerries

Fri 24th June 2016

We have been amazed by the number of Puffins on the Skerries this year.

Skipper Phil says, “We regularly see Puffins in their HUNDREDS, Terns in their THOUSANDS, Peregrine Falcons and a variety of Marine Mammals. Quite frankly, Skerries trips have the potential to put everything else in the shade!”

Sightings of Puffins on ‘Puffin Island’ to the east of Anglesey are now rare, greater numbers of Puffins breed on the Skerries.

Puffin facts:

  • Adults return to the Skerries in March and April, they leave early-August.
  • Puffins spend most of their lives out at sea on the eastern coast of North America to the western coast of Europe.
  • A Puffin may live for as long as 20 years.
  • Puffins dig a burrow and build a nest underground lined with feathers and grass.
  • A pair of Puffins only lay one egg a season.
  • Puffin chicks are called ‘Pufflings’.
  • Pufflings will stay out at sea for approximately 5 years before they are ready to breed and return to land.
  • They are sometimes referred to as ‘Sea Parrots’ or ‘Clowns of the Sea’.
  • A Puffin will flap its wings up to 400 times a minute and fly at up to 55 miles per hour.
  • There are eight islands around the world called ‘Puffin Island’.
Puffins on the Skerries stretching their wings

Puffins on the Skerries stretching their wings

So if you would like to see a Puffin, join us on a Skerries trip before August.