FoilRide coming to RibRide, Menai Bridge

Mon 4th November 2019

You can BOOK NOW an amazing eFoil adventure, our booking system is open. The first scheduled lesson is on Saturday 4 April 2020,

FoilRide coming to RibRide, Menai Bridge. Our E-foil adventures coming soon! These launch the start of a zero emissions drive for our fleet of the future. 1st in the UK, we are bringing hydrofoil technology to Wales. 2020 is going to be electrifying at RibRide.

New e foil at Britannia Bridge Anglesey

Here is a snippet of recent testing in the Menai Strait.

Our new electric hydrofoil boards will be beautifully crafted by Lift.

Fly over the water…

We are innovators as we proved with the build and launch of Velocity. Now with Lift we are bringing the world’s premiere performance eFoils to Anglesey, UK.