Explore Anglesey the world and the cosmos #FindYourEpic

Fri 15th January 2016

Today is momentous as Tim Peake, British ESA astronaut and test pilot, pops outside for a shorter than expected space walk. What an adventure. “Popping outside for a walk tomorrow. Exhilarated – but no time to dwell on emotions. #spacewalk,” @astro_timpeake.

This week has also been momentous for our friend Kris Williams, Anglesey landscape and nightscape photographer, as his beautiful ‘Nights in Anglesey/Snowdonia 2015: Timelapse’ film has been watched by thousands of folk.

What do these two things have in common? They show the beauty of the world and the cosmos. And the opportunities we have to look, enjoy and explore.

‘Nights in Anglesey/Snowdonia 2015: Timelapse’ By Kris Williams ©2015

The timelapse films shows off the beauty of Anglesey and the majestic Welsh landscape. We are lucky to take our RIB riders out into this environment and share the beauty we see daily.

This year is momentous as it it Wales’ Year of Adventure when we hope everyone goes on a Welsh adventure, #FindYourEpic. Enjoy the news from the International Space Station, Kris’s film and the wonders of Anglesey! And get planning how you will explore Anglesey.