Easter Wildlife Boat Tours

Thu 29th March 2018

Come with us for a choice of three amazing Easter wildlife boat tours.
Everyday over the Easter holidays we depart from Menai Bridge on three amazing adventure.

Puffin Island / Ynys Seiriol

“I spotted a two puffins yesterday and the birds are starting to congregate on Puffin Island for spring,” reported Skipper Charles, Thursday 30 March 2018.

Spotted this week on Puffin Island

  • Grey seals
    These large seals are grey in colour, with darker blotches and spots. They have a sloping ‘Roman nose’.
    Read more at the Grey Seal Conservation Society.
  • Razorbills
    They have a thick blunt deep black beak, a member of the Auk family.
    Read more at RSPB
  • Kittewakes
    A gull with a small yellow bill and a dark eye, a member of the Auk family..
    Read more at RSPB
  • Guillemots are very dark brown and white, a member of the Auk family.
    Read more at RSPB

Ynys Llanddwyn Island

Cross over Caernarfon Bar to reach this magical island. Near Llanddwyn is Ynys yr Adar (Bird Island) with its large population of Cormorants, read more at RSPB.

To spot the Cormorants on Ynys yr Adar jump on the ‘Castle and Islands‘ tour.

The Menai Strait

Experience this unique marine environment. This narrow starch of water is 16 miles long. The different tides at each end of the Strait cause the current to flow in both directions.

The best trip to experience the Menai Strait is the ‘Bridges and Swellies‘ adventure boat tour.

Amazing Easter Wildlife Boat Tours

Easter is early this year and the weather earlier in the year has been very wintery. But recently we have had some beautiful sunny days. You just need to wrap up warm, with lots of layers, and get out to experience early spring delights on Anglesey.

We can help you make some magical memories for you and your family. Let our knowledgable Skippers be your guide to the wildlife that lives around Anglesey in this amazing marine environment.