Bear Grylls the reality of adventure TV

Wed 29th July 2015

One of the questions we are regularly asked at RibRide is ‘What is Bear Grylls really like?’ We always reply, when his TV show look exciting and edgy, it really is. We have had recent first hand experience of this.

Of course he is also lovely and his team is super-professional. He is known around the world as one of the most recognised faces of survival, as an expert outdoor adventurer and as a TV star making some of the most exciting adventure programmes for the small screen.

This week his new TV show, ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’, launched on the NBC network in America. The RibRide team assisted in the making of one of the new shows.

“We regularly work with TV companies and it was great to get a call from Bear’s team asking us to provide a safety RIB for his new project. We filmed in May, and this wasn’t an ordinary warm and sunny day. It was cold and the sea was very choppy. It was a challenging environment,” says Skipper Charles Harris, BG RibRide Adventure Boat Tours.

A helicopter was flying in to drop Bear and his celebrity guest, Michael B. Jordan from the cult TV show ‘The Wire’ and who is playing Johnny Storm/The Human Torch in the soon-to-be-released ‘Fantastic Four’ films. The adventure was taking place in the Nefyn area on the Llyn Peninsular, Gwynedd.

Bear Grylls IMG_82972

When conditions are windy and the shoreline is very exposed, rough sea conditions need to be closely monitored. A safety boat in radio contact is required to monitor sea conditions first hand and to keep an eye out for any dangerous flotsam and jetsam.

“I understand Michael said it was the most exciting thing he had ever done. I think it was a very brave thing to do, especially as the sea conditions were challenging and we were approaching our operating limits. Bear took his celebrity guest into a wild environment that was very challenging. I understand they had an amazing adventure,” said Charles.

After the heroic pair swam to shore, Charles turned the RIB about to return home to Anglesey.

“My adventure had only just started as sea conditions were worsening and it was a ‘bit rough’ on the way back. Over the Caernarfon Sand Bar, I rode the wind over tide, breaking waves to surf back into the Strait. So I had my own adventure that day too,” says Charles.

The Bear Grylls RibRide is based in Holyhead during the summer. The orange BG RibRide adventure boat travels to the wild and beautiful ‘Skerries’, a group of islands off the North Anglesey coast. There are also trips to North Stack and the majestic ‘Gogarth’ cliffs, some of the highest sea cliffs in Wales. Both trips are available subject to weather and sea conditions. The Irish Sea off North Anglesey is a wild and forbidding place, which is great for adventure.

Come with us on an amazing adventure to see the hidden secrets of the North Wales coastline with our expert Skippers.

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