Anglesey Record February 2015

Sun 8th February 2015

The RibRide supported team of Dean Watson and Mark Lyne today smashed the Round Anglesey Record* aboard their Scorpion 8.5M Rib ‘Ocean Devil’.  The original record was established in 2007 by 7.5m RIB ‘Black Jack’, which, while not a particularly quick boat, had an exceptional weather window and well planned passage on their side to gain a circumnavigation time of 1 hour 35 minutes 10 seconds.

Today, 8 February 2015, saw great weather for the 68nm passage.  The Scorpion RIB is powered by a Yanmar 315 hp inbox diesel, definitely not the first choice for record breaking but its’ reliability coupled with the amazing hull and good crew seemed to work very well.

Charles Harris from RibRide was engaged to help with logistics and local advice on passage planning.  “Today, while having great flat water, really didn’t have the best tides. I estimate that they pushed and extra 2 – 3 miles of water which they could have avoided with a bit more planning.  This really shows what a great job they did with the hand that was dealt!”

The record (which is still to be officially confirmed) appears to have been broken at about 3 pm on Sunday 8th February 2015. Total time was 1 hr 21 minutes

Can it be broken further? Charles thinks so, with a glint in his eye he says:

“Right now, not far away in a custom boat builders shed, a team are putting the finishing touches to the first of a new line of RibRide RIBs. We’re using some bold new materials to make this exceptional new hull stiffer and lighter than traditional RIBs and are on board with a great engine supplier.  Together with our local knowledge and drop-of-a-hat logistical advantage, I think 1hr 15mins is the goal to be aimed for.”

*Still to be officially ratified

Scorpion RIB racer smashes Round Anglesey record