Royal Dolphin?

Sat 8th July 2017

On our Castle and Islands Tour you will get to see the little Farmhouse that was a Royal hideaway. Prince William lived here when he was stationed at RAF Valley.  In the waters below we would regularly see a pod of Llanddwyn Dolphins. A local fisherman once joked, they were there by Royal Appointment. When the couple left the Island so, it seemed, did the Dolphin. A coincidence or not?

Llanddwyn Dolphins

But they are back!
We are delighted that we have had a number sightings recently.  This short clip was taken by RibRiders aboard the Tour on Thursday. They were lucky to witness Dolphin at play so close to the boat?

RibRide are one of only 12 operators IN THE WORLD to hold Blue Flag Sustainable boating tourism operators status. It seems like these chaps know that we’re pretty Dolphin friendly.

Our Castle and Island Tour enjoys the best parts of the Menai Strait down to Caernarfon Castle before heading out via Abermenai Point into the exciting waters of Caernarfon Bar.  Llanddwyn Island holds a host of Myth and Legends and we’ll tell you about so many things – Love, Land Rovers, Ravens, weird geology, Piloting, Marram Grass, Ponies, turtles… there is so much!  All the time we keep our eyes peeled for Seal, Porpoise and Llanddwyn Dolphins.

Feature Image by the amazing Phil Mcguiheen, thank you so much.

Jumping Llandwyn Dolpin by Phil Mcguiheen

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These ‘Royal’ Llanddwyn Dolpins were spotted out our ‘Castle and Islands‘ Sustainable Boat Tour.