Velocity – the fastest passenger RIB

Trip description

Velocity, the world’s fastest RibRide! Hold onto your hats this RIB reaches the speed of scream in 30 seconds. The Skippers will take you on two proving trips before the final and fastest run of the day is made, taking you to optimum ‘Velocity’.


A brand new RIB designed and ordered in January 2018 this exceptional powerboat is nearing completion. Due to be tested and delivered in late May 2018. Off-peak tickets are on sale NOW for 1 June 2018 to 19 July 2018. Book here book-boat-trip-online.

Velocity riders will meet at our base in Menai Bridge. They will enjoy a briefing to better understand the complexities of speed on the water and how to interact with the experience. Then get kitted up ready for the water.

Velocity will navigate from St George’s Pier, Menai Bridge to one of our two assigned speed courses. There the Skipper will perform a series of practice runs culminating in an attempt at the highest achievable speed, allowed by conditions on the day.

One ticket price for adults and young people, Peak and Off-peak. The minimum age to ride Velocity is 10 years-old.

One hour experience, shore-side briefing and 30 minutes on the water.

Drawing of the Velocity RIB, Feb 2018


When will Peak tickets be available?

We are working to finalise the summer schedule from 21 July onward. Peak tickets will be available very soon.

What to wear?

Dress in readiness for temperatures 5-7 degrees lower than on the day, which means that gloves, hats, and multiple layers etc on cooler days are essential.

We will be issuing riders with a Velocity cover-all, we request skirts are dresses are avoided to allow these to be worn. Though splash-proof, the coverall is large enough to allow for a waterproof layer to be worn underneath on rainy days (we assume that most people coming to North wales will be prepared with such items).

We will provide eye protection.
Sensible shoes please!
We provide life jackets which are mandatory.

What to bring?

Please leave all bags in your car.*

Velocity riders can travel with cards, money, phone, car keys in a secure pocket. Nothing can be held in your hands during the experience. Small shoulder bags can be worn as long as they fit under clothing.  Once dressed for the experience you will not have access to your pockets.

*Those visiting us via public transport can store bags in our office though please note this is not secure.

Is there an age restriction?

The minimum age to ride Velocity 10 years-old.
One adult for every three young people 8-16.

One ticket price only (no young person price).


RibRide is happy to welcome all riders of any ability.
However, boat tours are a physical activity. If you have any medical concerns please contact our office, 0333 1234 303, for advice.

Can I take photos?

Unfortunately NO. Once dressed for the experience you will not have any access to your pockets. We cannot allow cameras to be worn around the neck

Your Velocity Skipper will be will be capturing photos with our on board camera.

Full Terms and Conditions are available at terms-and-conditions.

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